What size does this Shark Chain come in?

The Shark Chain is made for almost all models of trencher. Contact your local dealer for your specific size.

How does the Shark Chain clean out?

The chain cleans out easily due to its well- patterned teeth placement. The Shark Chain is designed for very hard digging and will clean the trench extremely well. The trencher will leave about one inch of dirt at the bottom of the trench.

Where do I get a Shark Chain for my trencher?

Your local trencher dealer should have them in stock, If your dealer cannot help you with this, give us a call, and we will put you in touch with one that can.

Right now I am using conical's, Why do I want replaceable Shark Side Mounts?

With your conical setup, you have to buy 3 parts. You have to buy a bracket, a tooth, and a clip. The conical doesn’t cut as well as the Shark Side Mount and it will wear out faster. The Shark Side Mount is one bolt on part and is less expensive to buy. It will use less horsepower due to its shape, plus in most cases the Shark Side Mount will last the life of the chain.

A trencher set up with 100% Shark Side Mounts compared to a trencher set up with conical’s, tests have proven that the Shark Side Mounts will out perform in production. Let’s put a bottom line answer to this. The SHARK SIDE MOUNT will out dig, out perform, and out last any conical bit on the market today. Plus it will cost you less.

How do I change the teeth?

The popular Shark Teeth are designed to last through the life of the digging chain. These special teeth are welded into position and require NO replacement. If for some reason a tooth is needed to be replaced they can be cut off and a new one welded in it’s place.

What is a Shark Side Mount?

A Shark Side Mount is a Shark Tooth welded to a bracket that can be bolted to the side of the chain. These brackets are manufactured in different angles and cuts. Lets take an example: for all the small chain for all the walk behind trenchers which is a 33,000 lb. chain, we manufacture the Shark Side Mounts in a center, left, and right hand cut. These cutting brackets make an excellent cutting combination with your cup teeth.

How do I determine Chain Pitch and Length?

BAD!! Dirt, sand and other things will cling to the oil causing excessive wear.

Is oiling my trencher chain good or bad?

The distance from center pin to center pin is your pitch. Standard pitches consist of 1.654, 2.00 2.609, 2.644, and 3.067. All walk behind trenchers should have a standard of 1.654 pitch trencher chain. 1 link equals 1 station on a chain, you can also count the number of pins on the chain, a 52 pin chain should be a 26 station trencher chain.