Consolidated Carbide, Ltd., is constantly innovating and advancing the trencher and trenchless industry.

Please contact us for more information or if you’re in need for a custom tool.We can assist in engineering and manufacturing to your application.

The well-known Shark Tooth® is used in many applications from trenching, Horizontal Boring, Augers, Asphalt and concrete cutting and more. We manufacturer many different sizes of the Shark Teeth. These teeth are
popular on the Shark Chain®, Shark® Side Mount and Horizontal Drilling Industries.

For Shark® Teeth sizes click on the link below.

These carbide cutters are very popular in the Horizontal Drilling Industry.

There are a variety of different sizes from .610” to 1.375” in diameter.

For HDD Cutter sizes click on the link below.

Conical Bits and Blocks are used for trenching and horizontal boring.Contact for available sizes.

Carbide Inserts, Inlay and Grit. Contact us for sizes and availability.

The Shark Chain® is designed for today trenchers. It will dig in the hardest ground conditions with ease and will out-perform any digging chain on the market today. Its patented design eliminates most of the boom, bounce
and kick back, reducing wear on the teeth and chain. This in turn relieves much of the stress on the trencher. No more nuts, bolts or tube spacers. Shark Chains are offered from walk-behinds to ride-on trenchers.

For more information, contact your local dealer.

This cutting tool can be used 100% or in combination with Cup Teeth. Here you have the best of both worlds.

The Shark Side Mount® breaks open the ground making it easier for your Cup Teeth to enter. This will save wear on the Cup Teeth plus making the digging easier. These brackets have been tested with great results, with many similarities to the Shark Chain®, except for one big difference – These Shark® Side Mounts bolt onto your trencher chain!